Bovada Sportsbook Review

The online sports book at Bovada is easily one of the most advanced sports books on the internet. It is a popular choice for Americans because Bovada is one of the few sites that will welcome American patrons. If you have a personal computer or a mobile device such as a tablet or iPhone, you can access an interface that is specially tailored for your device so that you can bet on any game at any time on nearly any device.

Getting Started on Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada sports book is easy to get started. The site gives you a generous sign up bonus once you’ve made your first deposit. Unlike other sports betting websites, this bonus does not require you to jump through hoops in order to earn it. Bovada makes earning a bonus on your terms easy and fun. The terms around the bonuses are easy to read and concise.

Depositing Funds with Bovada

Bovada gives you different methods of depositing. If you have a Visa card, you just need to call your bank or card issuer and ask them to enable international transactions. If you prefer to do cash transfers, Bovada will reimburse your fees if you transfer over $300 when using Western Union or Moneygram.

Betting with Bovada Sportsbook

Betting on Bovada is as easy as pointing, clicking and typing in the amount you want to bet. Bovada gives you insider information on sporting contests such as the current trends and important stats for you to review. One of the more unique parts of Bovada is their prop bet section. You can bet on presidential elections, the outcome of events such as the World Series of Poker or you can even bet on player prop bets in sports such as basketball, football or baseball.

Cashing out on Bovada is easy and painless. You can receive your cash out in a couple different methods. The most common method is for you to request a check. Your check will arrive at your doorstep delivered by a courier. The check will come with instructions on how to redeem it properly. For example, you wouldn’t want to take this check to a check cashing store. If you have made a deposit with Western Union or Moneygram, you are eligible to receive your cash out using one of these services. If you have a big win on Bovada and you need to transfer several thousands of dollars, you can do so with a bank wire. Restrictions may apply with this method. Overall, Bovada is one of the easiest and most customer oriented sports books on the web. The sports book is catered to those in the United States and the website tends to get rave reviews from others who have posted reviews on the web.

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